Stories from wood waste to freedom of media awarded during Journalism StartUp Competition

Participants at Journalism StartUp Competion are preparing to pitch their idea.

After three days of presentations, cooperation among contestants, team work and idea pitching, a three-member jury has selected total of 6 Journalism Startup Ideas. Three of the winning ideas are for digital storytelling, two of them are for interactive online game and one is idea for a journalism tool.

The first IDEA Journalism Startup Competition was organized from 27 till 29 January 2017. Out of 53 selected contestants, only 6 ideas won the awards.

  1. How to deal with throwing food in Macedonia is the first idea that was awarded for digital storytelling. The author of this idea is a civil activist Ilija Veljanovska. She will be working along with a journalist Saska Misevska. The story will portray the situation with the food throwing in the country and how a lot of people need food in order to survive. They will also map locations where the extra food can be donated to those who are in need. Also, regulations regarding food throwing in Macedonia will be pointed out and comparisons with other countries.
  2. The second winning idea for digital storytelling is an idea proposed by a civil association called Green Alliance. Their idea is concentrated on using the cannabis oil in the medicine. Since the Macedonian law only recognizes legal usage of the cannabis only for a small number of diseases, unlike other countries, the Green Alliance is advocating for expanding the list of diseases, medical purposes etc. The story will cover personal stories and testimonials of people using the cannabis oil and how it helped them and their closed ones in coping with the illnesses they are facing with. The Green Alliance will take account of the legal procedures of representing this story. They also said that that the award will go for the cause and will not be used for fees for the authors. Davor Angelovski, a representative of the Green Alliance has pitched and won this idea.
  3. The third winning digital storytelling idea will focus on media freedom and the conditions in which journalists are working in in Macedonia. A journalist Monika Jovanovska will work on this story. She will represent the timeline when the deteriorating period for Journalism in Macedonia has started, with interviews of journalists who were pressured, even jailed. She will also make a comparison of ways of reporting 10-15 years ago and how the journalists report now.
  4. Knowing more about Skopje through new project called Skopje 2014 from a perspective of tourist as a role play in this interactive online game is the winning idea in this category. The idea is the participant not only to learn more about Skopje 2014, but also through interactive quiz and tasks, the participant will learn on old Skopje and some not known facts about the capital. The author of this idea is a journalist Aleksandar Manasiev.
  5. How to get a gynecologist in Macedonia is the second winning idea for interactive online game. According to the author, a journalist Zorana Gadzovska Spasovska, there are around 200.000 women in the country who don’t have access to a gynecologist. And there are roughly 140 registered gynecologists in Macedonia. Through the game she wants to emphasize the financial and social difficulties of the issue, also, through the game she wants to test the awareness of the importance of a doctors visits especially in pregnancy.
  6. In the category for a journalist tool, there were several good ideas, but the jury has decided that this year, a journalist Marija Tasev and her team should win and start working on a digital proofreader, a tool/platform that will focus more on correction of words and hyphenation. With this tool, journalists, bloggers, writers, content writers, even students can check their texts before publishing or further editing. This way, the target group will learn from their mistakes and can focus on the content more than on a proper form of writing.
Winners of the first Journalism StartUp Competition

All of the winning ideas will have to have online platforms where they must present their ideas. The deadline for finishing their projects is 30 June 2017.

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